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Viaggi di gruppo

Il mondo è un libro e chi non viaggia legge una sola pagina.
Sant' Agostino

In contrast to individual tourism, in the last few years we have witnessed the growth in demand for Group Travel, expanding from intermittent seasons, traditionally dedicated to commuting, to cover all year round, including the high season.

If group travel has always been a reason for being in the various forms of association and aggregation, the main reasons for this success are due to the fact that this formula provides significant savings every season.

We at Omnia Incentive House collaborate with numerous Associations and Cultural Circles, Volunteering, CRAL Bancari, Aziendali, UISP, Proloco, which promote travel activities for their members and aggregates.

We guarantee cheaper rates and at the same time the quality of the services so that the organizations that rely on us can achieve their purpose, which is not only the sharing of the trip at advantageous prices but also the strengthening of the group spirit, followed by the return 'image that a successful initiative always brings with it.

Before formulating our itineraries, we always focus on the type of group, the average age of participants, their interests, to choose the best solutions and enter the most suitable visits and services.

We provide free quotes and advice, to identify the destinations in terms of the proposed expense, the best time to visit, to choose the most convenient means of transport and the routes that best meet those particular travelers.

We at Omnia Incentive House provide our many contracts with selected hotels around the world, create ad hoc packages for thematic visits, insert interesting unusual programs to deepen the already well-known places, collaborate with selected Tour Operators for the village holidays.

We take special care of enogastronomy, which we consider to be an expedient tool for knowledge of the territory, visits to art exhibitions, thematic itineraries and deepening.

We believe that the journey can make us aware of the importance of respect for nature and different cultures.

In the most diverse places in the world, our Tour Leader are real "cultural mediators" that help to get acquainted with the customs, customs and traditions of the visited country.

For us at Omnia Incentive House, traveling together does not mean losing one's individuality, tastes to indulge in pre-established visits and schedules, but share a beautiful and profitable experience that strengthens the spirit of the group and the desire to participate.